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Providing answers to people’s search queries across Google, pay-per-click (PPC) can be a fantastic route in generating web traffic and new customers.

Super-fast results

Whilst pay-per-click can involve a steeper learning curve than other routes, it doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated. Compared to other digital marketing channels, PPC can generate results very quickly and provides a wealth of data that can assist your website and SEO efforts too.

I focus on three key areas when it comes to great-performing PPC campaigns.

#1 | Great value keywords

Keyword planning tools (Neil Patel’s ‘Ubersuggest’ is a great one) take guessing out of the equation and offer a whole host of information on what search terms your potential clients are using.

Finding a balance between relevant, high traffic and low-competition keywords takes time but has the potential to save you a great deal of money in the long run. Relying solely on Google’s recommendations is tempting but not recommended!

# 2 | Simplicity

PPC can get complicated without a clear plan. Getting the balance right between simple setups and enjoying the benefits of more advanced features, like automating a campaign to pause when spend reaches a certain a limit, varies by brief but a less-is-more approach avoids both headaches and mistakes.

#3 | Scorecard reporting

PPC activity creates a whole network of statistics and simply sharing performance data without any editing or presentation can be confusing and off-putting for everyone. Reporting back through dashboard ‘scorecards’ instead of tables, visualises performance over time and focuses attention on key metrics. Compare the scorecard below (top left) to the tables – which is easy to see what’s going on?

Google adwords ppc norwich

Here’s the breakdown of an AdWords campaign generating new registrations for Start&Grow, a new online platform that partners with UK companies such as Sage, Start Up Loans and Funding Circle in providing online business support.


· Trial Google AdWords as a new route to advertise Start&Grow
· Test in a highly competitive area to gauge worst-case scenario results


 1,600 clicks generated at an average cost per click of £0.44
✓ Average click through rate = 6.54% compared to an industry average of 1-2%
 Concluded as a successful, great-value source of new signups in month one
 Rolled-out into other areas across the UK
The original budget I suggested was doubled in each location to maximise signup numbers 

Google adwords ppc norwich

Ready to use pay per click for your business?

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