mr jukes angels cover god first guitar 600w

Guitar overdub | Angels by Mr Jukes

Jack Steadman has been putting out great music for years. Although best-known for his commercial success behind the mic with Bombay Bicycle Club, it great to see Jack’s passion for hip hop and beat-making finally reaching a larger audience through his new solo work. Under the guise of ‘Mr Jukes’, Jack’s 2017 ‘God First’ album continues on in style from his old demos.

Scattered across Youtube, Jack’s progressive old solo tracks have flown under the radar for many years and offer listeners a treasure trove of hip-hop percussion, electronica and clever sampling. I would encourage all producers and musicians to explore his tracks across YouTube for inspiration. Away from his indie rock sound with Bombay Bicycle Club, Jack is an extradinary beatmaker and ‘Roam’, ‘Mahalia’ and ‘I will change you’ are personal favourites.

Heavily influenced by Jack’s solo work after discovering it on YouTube, I quickly bought ‘God First’ when it launched and was blown away with it’s warm mix of hip-hop, soul and vintage production. ‘Angels’, ‘Grant Green’ and ‘Typhoon’ were particular stand-outs.

One track felt like it needed the addition of electric guitar though…


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