New track | Down tools

A laid-back instrumental combining elements of hip-hop with bass, percussion and analogue guitar effects put together in my Norwich studio. Going for a real lazy end of the weekend type sound with influences from J Dilla, Oddisee and Tame Impala. Recorded over 2 days and mixed and mastered over a month using both real tubes and lot’s of analogue emulations that pay close attention to the classic LA-2A and 1176 compressors as well as the legendary Pultec EQ that you can hear across the track but especially on bass and kickĀ (Nomad Factory do the best Pultec EQ emulation version I’ve come across in years – using this a lot at the moment!).

More tracks on their way very soon and if you’re looking for beats, guitar samples, mixing or mastering in 2017 just drop me a brief at ajseager7 ‘at’ and we’ll jam. Enjoy the holidays! @seagersound

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