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Web Design and SEO

Containing the landing pages that play an essential part in digital marketing, websites are a digital first impression. They should home all the key information your customers need and showcase all the selling points you want to share.

Alongside the basics, websites need to help generate leads and major way to do this is to approach web design and search engine optimisation (SEO) together, not separately.

This isn’t a common approach and frustratingly, something you may have experienced before. Agencies that can develop great-looking websites without any support across your SEO and digital marketing agencies that blame your website for poor marketing results. Intertwining web design with SEO with the help of one supplier saves time, saves budget and keeps it simple.

I focus on two main areas when it comes to web design and SEO.

#1 | Designing mobile-first

The focus on mobile-optimised websites in recent years has been a breath of fresh air in bringing a less-is-more approach to web design. Designing a straight-forward website that loads quickly and catches the eye across a mobile device adapts a lot easier to a desktop environment, compared to designing for desktop and taking to mobile.

#2 | Planning for SEO beforehand

To encourage generating new leads over time without spending budget, an SEO strategy should lead the development of a website. Particularly across the choice of a domain name, all aspects of the website’s content and how fast this content loads. Complex animations and large video files may be tempting, but they can be the worst culprits in slowing down a website, harming both the experience for users and the website’s search ranking.

Here’s some examples of websites I’ve re-developed with the support of web developers on back-end tasks. All briefs have covered elements of re-branding, user experience and SEO improvements.


 web design norwich

freelance website designer norfolk

web design norwich

workspace web design norwich

 Clean and colourful
 SEO optimised
 Mobile optimised
Photography based

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