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New track | Breaking Bad sampling

The best way to introduce a new TV series to someone is not to hype it. For many reasons, Breaking Bad will always be my number #1 helped by the way it was casually introduced to me by my good friend Liam back in 2012.

Experimenting with some kick and snare in the early hours of the night, I started toying around with some Walter and Skyler samples from Breaking Bad that fitted around the feel of a bass guitar riff, processed and mixed like an electric guitar influenced by Royal Blood (Check out Loose change by Royal Blood on YouTube). A brilliant British rock duo with a huge bass guitar sound that enjoys the signal chain of a typical electric guitar and the expert production and compression mastery of Alan Moulder, the man behind the famous fuzzed-out guitar tone of The Smashing Pumpkins.

I spliced and edited a few vocal samples from Walter and Skyler, getting the timings right, and introduced a frequency filter that weaves in and out, typical in dance mixes. Alongside a filtered rhodes organ, reversed electric guitars and a whole load of mixing and mastering with analogue style plugins, the darkness of one of the final scenes was glued together fairly well. Best of all, Skyler’s sample at the start get’s genuinely scary, especially on big headphones late at night in a dark studio! Check out the full track below:



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