Learn how to produce music

Teaching yourself how to produce music

I’ve been teaching myself, on and off, how to produce music in the box since 2011 and it’s been a long road. If you’re doing the same I recommend three pros to check out that will help speed up the process for you:


The Recording Revolution

Graham is a well known source but a great all rounder that you can’t go wrong with. Good for mix bus and EQ tutorials.

Produce Like a Pro

Warren’s produce like a pro channel is growing fast and has some of the best interviews with other pros. Centred around rock and analogue mixing sounds, it’s another channel you can’t go wrong with.

Mixbus TV

A more under-the-radar channel but offering some great tutorials including the best compression tutorials you’ll find online.



Using subtractive EQ and reference tracks throughout the mixing stage are the two biggest points I’ve learnt from the above channels as well as the benefits of mixing in mono and how to compress in musical ways.

Some time ago I setup a YouTube playlist as a place to see how my productions developed over time as I learnt more about music production and mixing:



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