Robert Smith PS1 - Cropped Preview 2

Robert Smith pencil sketch

Musicians with crazy hair are the most fun to draw. As a big fan of The Cure, Robert Smith seemed a great choice for a quick sketch and gives the darkness of a 8B pencil it’s perfect subject.

Returning to drawing in the past few months, I’m pleased to see my standard starting to improve through using better lighting, better pencils and experimenting with enhancing the contrast of sketches in photoshop. Keen to start putting more out, all for printing onto vintage sheet music inspired by my Morrissey Silhouette a few years back. Follow me on Twitter or Pinterest for my new work coming out soon and all requests welcome. Here’s how I got to the final frame:

Robert smith first sketch 600w

Getting to the fun bit, the hair

Rob smith drawing board sketch 600w

Finished sketch 

RS1 600w

Scanned in to PC – losing some of the darkness

Robert Smith PS1 - Cropped

Contrast edits in Photoshop – winning the darkness back

robert smith frame 1 600w

Positioning and printing onto sheet music before framing. @seagersound

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