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Pay-Per-Click | Google AdWords

Providing answers to people’s search queries across Google, pay-per-click (PPC) can be a fantastic route in generating web traffic and new customers.

Whilst it can involve a steeper learning curve than other routes, pay-per-click doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated. Compared to other digital marketing, PPC can generate results very quickly and provides a wealth of data that can assist both your website and search engine optimisation strategies over time.

I focus on three key areas when it comes to great-performing PPC campaigns.

#1 | Great value keywords

Google’s free ‘keyword planner’ tool takes guessing out of the equation and offers a whole host of information on what search terms your potential clients are using. Finding a balance between relevant, high traffic and low-competition keywords takes time but has the potential to save you a great deal of budget in the long run. Relying solely on Google’s recommendations is tempting but not recommended!

# 2 | Simplicity

PPC can get complicated without a clear plan. Getting the balance right between simple setups and enjoying the benefits of more advanced features, like automating a campaign to pause when spend reaches a certain a limit, varies by brief but a less-is-more approach avoids both headaches and mistakes.

#3 | Scorecard reporting

PPC activity creates a whole network of statistics and simply sharing performance data without any editing or presentation can be confusing and off-putting. Reporting back through dashboard ‘scorecards’ instead of tables, visualises performance over time and focuses attention on key metrics.

Google adwords ppc norwich

Here’s the breakdown of an AdWords campaign generating new registrations for Start&Grow, a new online platform that partners with UK companies such as Sage, Start Up Loans and Funding Circle in providing online business support.


· Trial Google AdWords as a new route to advertise Start&Grow
· Test in a highly competitive area to gauge worst-case scenario results


· Highlighted the convenience and originality of the platform
· Location = Central East London
· Researched and selected relevant, high traffic and low competition keywords
· Added additional features including callout and sitelink extensions to help grab people’s attention
· Linked different ads to different landing pages to improve user experience and quality scores
· Tested various ads against each other to gauge the best performance, avoiding wasted spend
· Removed broad and irrelevant search terms that triggered ads to display, protecting budget
· Adjusted daily bids by the most popular days of the week
· Straight-forward graphs and weekly reports presented and discussed with the Project Director


 1,600 clicks generated at an average cost per click of £0.44
✓ Average click through rate = 6.54% compared to an industry average of 1-2%
 Concluded as a successful, great-value source of new signups in month one
 Rolled-out into other areas across the UK
The original budget I suggested was doubled in each location to maximise signup numbers 

Google adwords ppc norwich

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