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Paid social is a ground-breaking way to share your brand. The ability to reach a highly-specific group of potential customers offers the foundation for some very successful marketing, but with so many features and options, paid social can quickly become more complicated than it needs to be. Especially if you’re not familiar with the process.

Reflecting on hundreds of paid social campaigns I’ve designed in the last year, despite the advanced features on offer, it really does pay to keep it simple. Referencing the AIDA model from traditional marketing theory alongside a fine-tuning of the audience filters is often the recipe for success, regardless of what social media platform you’re building adverts for.

Simplifying this further, I focus on three main areas when it comes to great-performing ads across social media.

#1 | Targeting a precise audience

#2 | Sharing eye-catching, colourful imagery to grab people’s attention

#3 | Telling a short, straight-forward story highlighting the key benefits / features

Here’s a recent ad I designed for Facebook and Instagram targeting start-up businesses in London with a new support programme.


· Audience = early stage start-up businesses across 8 boroughs of London
· Goal = gain as much traffic as possible to the programme’s landing page within budget
· Budget = £300 a week


· Used Facebook’s ‘drop a pin’ feature to draw a custom map of London
· Targeted job titles related to founder / ceo
· Targeted interests and behaviours related to start-ups and entrepreneurship
· Used imagery featuring red as a colour

Week 1 Results

People reached = 41,685
Clicks from the advert to the website = 1,028
 Average cost per click = £0.29
 Total spend = £295.08

how to set up a facebook or instagram advert how to set up a paid social advert

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