vinyl record wedding plan

Wedding table plan from vinyl and gramophone records

Custom-made for a music themed wedding in Norfolk, the general idea I had to integrate real vinyl records into a table plan design took many forms before the final version below. After hours of trial and error with materials and spacing, the finished table plan presented 78 guests across 9 tables with their own record and sheet-music-heart. Presented alongside the tables in the main room of Southwood Hall in Norfolk, it got a lot of comments and camera time on the day which was great to see.

Base – Upcycling an old headboard, I removed the top section to leave a rectangular base. Hardwood was ideal as it gave the whole piece a good weight, ready for the easal at the venue.

Backdrop – Calico paint applied with the body of a classical guitar to give a textured backdrop. Much better than a blank canvas and a lot more fun than using a paintbrush!

Eight guest tables – 8 x 45rpm vinyl records sourced from various charity shops in Norwich

Main table – 1 x shellac gramophone record, slightly wider than 45 records chosen to emphasise the main table. This was deceivingly heavy and took A LOT of glue!

Paper hearts – Upcycled sheet music from a 1920’s songbook carefully cut by hand into identical heart shapes. Continuing the music theme

Textured card – All names printed in black, to match the vinyls, onto textured card and hand-cut with shaped scissors

After spacing everything together into three rows and gluing down, total make time was around 8 hours. One of the bigger projects I’ve taken on recently but one of the most pleasing.

Additional pictures below and if you’re interested in a table plan for your own event or wedding coming up, or would like something slightly different to this, simply drop me a message here¬†and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

If you liked this one, check out my other designs too. Thanks for reading!


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