New track | Let me hide

Loosely going after a Portishead sound I wanted to play around with the idea of building a small demo track using lo-fi samples and drum hits to follow a bass line. After some sparse guitar takes along the way I found a brilliant Stevie Nicks acapella online that I pitched up and reversed to find the phrase ‘let me hide’, the phrase ‘down in the line’ played in reverse, that you’ll hear around half way in.

Sticking to 16 mixer channels for simplicity, I shoved the whole track through a short chain of analogue style compression, saturation and vinyl hiss for a gritty, warm sound reminiscent of J Dilla style tapes, avoiding clean, polished sounds wherever possible.

Using takes for footage and a glitchy kill switch sample, leave a comment on the video with what you’d like to hear next and as always, thanks for listening.


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