Harlow Link | Graphic Design

I was recently asked to develop the branding for a new business networking group called Harlow Link. Bringing together entrepreneurs and aspiring business owners, it was important for the graphic design behind the group to have a modern and professional look.

Typography first

Before looking at shapes and imagery, I always like to start with typography. Choosing a great typeface that’s relevant to the design spec takes time, but once you discover it, all other decisions tend to fall into place pretty quickly. I whittled the options down to 6 after going through 25-30.

Making it modern

Sans serif typefaces (without strokes at the end of letters) and loose kerning (increasing the space between letters) can be great techniques to achieve modern appearances.


Icon design

Moving onto icon design, I wanted to explore icons that reflect themes related to linking, integration and progression. To compare like for like, it can be helpful to keep colour options out of the equation at this stage.








In need of some graphic design support?

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